Renae & Danielle's Queenstown Wool Shed Wedding

Danielle Vos-Dickey and Renae Vos-Dickey

Saturday, 17th December 2016

Mt Nicholas Station, Queenstown, NZ

Photographer: Williams Photography

Danielle and Renae Williams Photography


What was your favourite part of the day? It was all magical but if we had to choose we'd say our favourite part of the day was during the reception which was held in a wool shed, beautifully styled with fairy lights, chandeliers and florals. We had so much fun laughing and crying during the speeches and dancing with all our favourite people. The epic boat ride home at midnight with the band playing was also something we will never forget!

Danielle says: Renae is the most remarkable person I have ever met. There was never a question in my mind that I would marry her, even if that meant leaving the country to do so. Our wedding was the most incredible day of our lives, made all the more special because we moved mountains to make it happen.

Renae says: Both of our parents made a legal commitment to each other over 40 years ago and they both remain together today. We don't believe in not doing something that we really want to do because of unfair limitations enforced on us by our government.