5 Things To Consider When Booking Your Wedding Cake Decorator

MacDougall Photography / Cake made by Cakes by Sez

MacDougall Photography / Cake made by Cakes by Sez

Just as you would for a photographer, employing a professional to decorate your wedding cake calls for comparison. So be sure to browse through as many portfolios as possible to make sure that you get something that not only looks good but tastes delicious too. Here are five things to consider before locking in your cake decorator.


1.     Know Your Size

Having a good idea of how many people you need to serve is a great starting point for how big the cake needs to be. As a rough guide, using the 25cm bottom of a two-tier fruit cake will serve 60 people. However, if you intend to use the top 18cm layer, you will be able to cater for 100 people. Of course, if you intend to use the cake as dessert rather than finger slices, and are having a soft cake, such as a mud or sponge, you may need something a little bigger – ask your cake maker for their expert opinion.


2.     Dietary Concerns

Catering for a lot of guests (or perhaps you and your partner) with dietary restrictions, consider having a multi-tiered caked with a variety of flavours, or perhaps a dessert table that features a smaller cake and some other treats (even cheese!) so there’s plenty of options. It's also worth noting that people who can’t have alcohol will need to avoid the traditional fruit cake.


3.     Packaging

If your cake is not being served as dessert at the reception, you could give guests the option to take it away with them. In this instance, ask your cake decorator if they supply small boxes and if it’s included in their package price. It's also worth checking whether a sturdy box will be provided for the top tier of your cake should you choose to save the top tier of a fruit cake (it must be this variety to ensure it lasts) for a milestone celebration. To store in the freezer, pop cake in a box then a plastic container, or alternatively wrap the cake in non-waxed paper, then foil, then store in a plastic container. When you want to eat the cake, to make sure you allow it to thaw over a few days.


4.     The Little Extras

Usually the wedding cake will tie in with the couple’s chosen theme. The cake maker’s fee usually covers the supply of the lot – icing, floral and or other decorations, cake board and often an elegant cake knife. However, make sure you double check this with them at the time of booking and enquire about any other additional requests you might have and whether they will affect the overall price.


5.     Budget

Obviously the larger the cake and more elaborate the decorating, the greater the cost. Having a good grasp of what you can afford before you visit your cake decorator is the key to making sure you don’t get a rude shock when the final bill arrives. If you’re looking to save a bit of money, you could do any of the following thing:

-       Ask your cake maker to make a plain-iced cake and then place your bouquet on the top tier or around the base for decoration.

-       Go faux! Yep, you can order a fake small, decorated cake for cutting and then have a large undecorated, iced slab in the kitchen to serve

-       Go for a square cake instead of round as it will feed more people.

-       If you want a tall cake for impact, but don’t necessarily need to serve it to many guests, request to have iced layers of foam amongst the real ones. Your guests will be none the wiser!

-       If a family member is a talented baker, ask them to prepare the cake, then have it professionally iced and decorated.