The 'Right' Music for Your Wedding Day

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The great thing about music is there's something that appeals to everyone. The tricky part of choosing music for your wedding is, well, there's something that appeals to everyone. You following?

While it's lovely we all have our own unique tastes, finding something that guarantees all your guests are on the dance floor can be a challenge. It's unlikely that the same tunes that get Great Uncle George tapping his feet are the same songs that get your bridesmaids partying like they're 18 again.

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Dance floor action

When it's time for everyone to let their hair down, this is something you can rely on your DJ to help you with. It's their job to read the crowd and choose music that will work in the context. Throw some suggestions their way ahead of time to make sure you're all on the same page.

Those moments

When choosing your 'special' songs, the ones that will remind you of those moments forever - it's all about you, and you should view the songs that you choose as a way to express your personalities and how you feel.

Of course, selecting music for moments on the day is yours to choose, however you'll likely want a song for walking down the aisle, your first dance, and cutting the cake.

You might also want to find a song for your entrance, bouquet toss, garter toss, farewell, or a surprise flash mob dance sequence - if you're that way inclined.

When choosing songs for these moments it's helpful to reflect on your relationship and where music has played a part. e.g. Is there a song that comes on the radio that makes you think of each other? Is there an artist you listened to on your first road trip together? Who performed at the first music festival you went to together?

Start brainstorming early

Music is a good thing to start thinking about in the months leading up to your day. We suggest writing down songs that you hear and want to listen to in these months, for easy reference to look back on when making that final call.

When you book with Silent Shout, we'll ask you to complete our booking form in the lead up to your day - which helps us to get to know you as a couple and tailor music that suits you.

At the end of the day, don't overthink it. If there's love in the air and you're surrounded by friends and family, having the 'right' music will be the icing on the cake.

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