Things to Consider When Choosing A Wedding Photographer

As most married couples will attest, their wedding day goes by in a flash! It's crucial to have a good photographer on the day as the images they snap will be the key to giving you a complete snapshot of the biggest day of your life.

When searching for a wedding photographer it’s important to find someone that understands you as a couple, makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera and can interpret the essence of your day in the images they take.

It's a good idea to visit two or three different studios for a start. Ask friends and family for recommendations and seek out any photographers who might have good knowledge of your wedding venue or area. When you visit, ask to see their portfolio and go through it closely noting how the photographs made you feel as well as how it looked; did the images capture the mood and feel of the day? Also, be sure to ask how they work, plus discuss exactly what you want and whether they can deliver this within your budget – the more you know up front the better. It’s also always good to check that they are members of a professional body such as the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP). But remember that as well as the technical skill you should have a genuine connection with the person you hire for the job and that they know how to get the best not only out of you and your groom, but also your bridal party. Posing for photographs doesn’t always come naturally for some, so you want to feel confident that your photographer can be sensitive to different personalities.

Plus, and this is the most important, remember that the person you choose will be spending almost ALL of your wedding day with you. In fact, they will be the one person you and your partner see the most all day (apart from each other). Now, scroll back up to that picture above and get a sense of what that camera will look like to you on the day. Yep, you with us now? You want someone who will get the shots without being in your face, and who will not spoil or interrupt those little moments between you and your partner. 

With that all in mind, then also consider these main points:


What’s Your Photography Style?

Do you prefer formal or more relaxed and candid? Consider a combination of both styles to make a great collection of photographs. Knowing your photographer can competently switch between both styles is a must.


What's Your Budget?

The biggest question to ask yourself before booking in your snapper is, what can you afford? Photography accounts for up to 12% of the total wedding budget, and sometimes more, depending on the look and number of pages required in your final album. Costs will vary based on the photographer's experience, qualifications and expertise. You should also account for their time, film, materials and general overheads. Even if you go with a lesser-known photographer you should still expect to receive high-quality images that capture and feel confident the person you have chosen can deliver this. If you do need to cut costs, opt to reduce the hours you have them present at the wedding and allocate them instead to producing the album which can sometimes take between 30-40 hours to complete.


Booking Checklist

When you book your photographer, avoid any last-minute hiccups and make sure you have all these things confirmed in writing before the big day:

  • Job date

  • Job start and finish time

  • Price

  • Number of Photos

  • How many additional photographers will attend on the day

  • Any additional costs/package conditions you have agreed on