10 Ways to Make Your Wedding The Best Ever

The list of possibilities for a wedding is endless: what music should you have playing? do you want a traditional cake or a donut wall? Do you fancy a cocktail-style reception or have guests seated? And the most important question of all: how to make the day memorable?  There are so many options for happy couples to consider, to make the big day unique, exciting and super impressive. Here are a few more ideas to add to your list, to help make it a truly extraordinary day

See more of this beautiful NSW business My Little Peony at our Hunter Valley Festival and  here .

See more of this beautiful NSW business My Little Peony at our Hunter Valley Festival and here.

1.     Caravan Bar

These beauties are not only the cutest accompaniment to any great soiree, but also add a fun vibe to your evening. Have the caravan set up at the ceremony so your guests are in the best mood from the very beginning, and your post-ceremony photos have a charming, breezy feel.

2.     Standout Dining

This definitely isn’t for the traditionalist, but food trucks are a cost-effective and fun way to eat at a wedding. From pizza to paella, it will satisfy all your foodie cravings and give your guests something to talk about all night long.

3.     Invite Who You Want

It sounds simple, but it's one of the biggest challenges couples face when planning a wedding. Many feel obligated to invite family and long-lost cousins over a group of close friends. Your day should represent you both as a couple, and you should be surrounded by your nearest and dearest.

4.     Cocktails

Do we even have to say how much an espresso martini can up the ante at your reception? Many wedding venues are now offering “cocktail hour” after the ceremony, and before the reception starts so guests can relax well before dinner. Imagine all the pics!

5.     Dogs

They are your BEST FRIENDS – we think so anyway. Those devoted to their pets couldn't imagine walking down the aisle without them, even if the idea presents challenges in the planning process. Consider enlisting a dog minder who can take your canine besties home after the ceremony.

6.     Games

For the ultimate in super-fun weddings, look to games such as giant Jenga or giant chess so guests (especially those who aren't familiar with each other) can interact and join in the fun before the reception even starts.

7.     Flowers

Artificial or real, blooms will make the most stunning, romantic backdrop for your day. Place floral arrangements along the aisles, at the bar and all over the tables for a dreamy atmosphere to the evening (you may even be able to set up a couple of single friends in the process!)

8.     Personal Touches

Nothing says chic like having personalised details. Think outside the box when gifting and choosing stationery to be used on menus and place cards. One great way to save money is to incorporate place cards into the menus.

Social Playground  can provide beautiful looking booths and printing stations.

Social Playground can provide beautiful looking booths and printing stations.

9.     Photo Booths

Because who doesn’t love a selfie?! While photo booths can be expensive to hire (check out some of the great photobooth suppliers on our directory), think about creating you own – just set up a stunning backdrop and a camera on a tripod!

10.  A Gourmet Table

For a modern take on the dessert table, consider serving bread, cheese, dip, charcuterie and olives instead. It's a stylish touch, and guaranteed to keep guests talking (and full!) the entire evening.