Trend v Tradition

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…and sequinned? While some couples choose to forgo traditions, some time-honoured practices are here to stay. And as for trends?  These days there are banquet tables, cupcakes and more glitter than Mardi Gras! Will you go with what's customary or what's cool? Check out this guide before you decide.

The “must-have” wedding photography checklist has had a makeover.  Gone are the days of "the garter shot" – the bride coyly lifting up her dress to give a glimpse of her frilly garter. The new photo trend is a little less risqué, with more brides opting for photographs of her and her bridesmaids wearing dressing gowns. Bonus points if the gowns are matching or monogrammed! This is a trend that is definitely here to stay (and makes a sweet keepsake for bridesmaids).

Another style that's gaining popularity is the “first-look” shoot, where the bride and groom meet with just the photographer before the ceremony. It certainly bucks the tradition of not seeing one another before the wedding, something the more traditional bride probably wouldn’t consider. However, it has its pluses. Apart from a beautiful photo and more free time after the ceremony, any pre-wedding jitters are instantly alleviated with this contemporary approach.

Although a white dress will never go out of style, accessories are having a major moment. More brides are embracing flower crowns or statement headpieces in lieu of a traditional veil. Whilst this is a growing trend, variations on the traditional veil will forever be a popular choice.

Subdued colours may be a thing of the past. Incorporating metallics is hugely popular right now. Surprisingly versatile, copper, gold and blush metallic hues can add a whimsical or dramatic touch to your wedding. The key here is to use it sparingly to avoid turning your wedding into a glitter-bomb. Although sequinned bridesmaids' dresses have featured heavily in the past year or so, more subtle hints, such as metallic letterpress invitations or glitter-rimmed cocktails, will be a trend that has potential staying power.

Seating arrangements have seen the most changes.  Some couples find allocated seating and bridal-party tables to be too formal, instead choosing long banquet tables and intimate cocktail weddings to better suit their personalities. The one rule with seating at a wedding? There are no rules. Choose what suits you and throw tradition out the window on this one.