Spotlight On: White Meadow

Spotlight On White Meadow

The Creative Director and founder of White Meadow, Natasha Lenina, was a lingerie and intimates designer whose own search for the perfect dress became the foundation for her wedding business. Her beautiful designs have a definite point of difference, so you can see why she ended up being her own "first customer". You'll find White Meadow on our wedding directory.

How did you end up in the wedding business? I had been designing lingerie and intimate apparel when I got engaged to the love of my life and found it rather difficult finding the perfect dress that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Dreaming up chic and modern wedding dresses came rather naturally after that.

What do you love most about weddings? The love, the happiness and celebration of finding one another and taking the leap into the unknown against all the odds.

Spotlight On White Meadow

If you had to describe your business in one word, what would it be? This is a hard one! A Dream.

What kind of bride is typical to your business? Whether she is a city slicker or a country gal, she comes to us because she is looking to create a laid-back wedding day. She is less concerned about the glitz and the glam, and more interested in the fun factor, the good times to be had celebrating what’s most important to her - the love and the future with the man of her dreams!

Spotlight On White Meadow

Any celebrity weddings you have worked on? Crystal and Mitch of Design Twins tied the knot in one of our designs. We rushed to create Crystal’s gown in just two weeks time - she is the ultimate bridechilla!

Other memorable weddings? My own! First White Meadow dress, the magic of Southern Highlands, the most beautiful flower arch you’ve even seen and the fun stretching over the two days.

A typical work day for you is? There isn’t one! The favourite time is, of course, dreaming up all the new collections, selecting the gorgeous fabrics from the top mills around the world, then there’s playing dress ups with the brides, working very closely with the team producing the pieces and of course collaborating with other crazily talented industry vendors around.

Spotlight On White Meadow

How would you describe your business style? If White Meadow was a girl, she’d definitely be a bridechilla - a fun-loving carefree bird brought to this earth to spread happiness and love.

What is your favourite wedding ‘first dance song’? Can’t go past Elvis with “Can’t Help Falling In Love”

What is the one big mistake you see couples make all the time? We are very fortunate to be working with couples who are already conscious of shaping their wedding day to reflect them as a couple and wanting to have the maximum amount of fun. I also always remind them to pause and take it all in on the day. It goes way too quickly otherwise.

Spotlight On White Meadow

What’s the best piece of advice you could give to a couple getting married? Agree to have fun with it. Let go trying to strive for perfection, you’ll be setting yourself for disappointment. Remember why you are doing this and that it is only the beginning of the rest of your magnificent lives together.

What trends do you think will be big in the year ahead in weddings? I think in terms of the dress designs the sleeve is still a big feature, it’s taking on new forms like bell sleeve and combining sheer panelling with beautiful chunky florals. Two piece ensembles are gaining momentum and so are the sexy “covered up” high neck styles.

Spotlight On White Meadow