How to get the Best Skin for your Wedding Day

To avoid a pre-wedding bridezilla meltdown, it’s always best to plan ahead, especially when it comes to all things beauty. We asked Dr Phoebe Jones from Concept Cosmetic Medicine to give us her advice on getting the best skin for your wedding day.

"I suggest brides (and grooms) start their beauty and cosmetic plans as soon as possible, ideally a year out from the big day if time allows," she explains. "I often get asked by patients who have their wedding coming up about what they should do and when."


Here is a little timeline courtesy of Dr Jones showing how to get the best possible results for your wedding day.

12-18 months before

Come in and speak to one of our fabulous cosmetic doctors at CCM. Every person is a little bit different, but everyone can benefit from making sure they have a good daily skin care routine with adequate SPF protection and active ingredients. We can also get you started on an appropriate anti-wrinkle injection regimen. By starting early, we can ensure that we get the correct dosage and pattern for you for any up-coming pre-wedding events. There’s nothing worse than a frozen bachelorette who’s decided to try injectables for the first time just before their engagement party!

At this time we can also start to get your skin in tip-top condition, which can involve starting regular laser facials and sometimes a laser peel. Acne sufferers also have plenty of time to get this condition under control.

A year out is also an excellent time to try fillers for the first time. Some may want to experiment with a slightly plumper pout. Brides in their thirties may start noticing some early volume loss in their face, so a little cheek or tear trough filler may freshen them up. 

More mature brides could need significant volume added or skin work done. Having a year of time up our sleeves can allow us to plan for procedures where downtime is required, and optimal results are seen several months down the track. These procedures include upper eyelid blepharoplasty, skin resurfacing, fat assisted stem cell transfer, liposculpture and thread lifting.


12 months before

Now is the time to have fat assisted stem cell transfer or thread lifting if you wish. It is the optimal time because the results will peak at 12 months post procedure. A laser peel is also something to consider at this stage for a good "spring clean" of the skin, and it happens to complement the results of the fat assisted stem cell transfer very well.


Six months before

It is good to have any of the other procedures done by now or around this time because they too will peak by the big day.


Three months before

Any final fillers and injectable moisturisers should be done now to allow time for them to settle and to address any symmetry issues. While injecting fillers usually goes very well, I never like to do fillers too close to the wedding date, because Murphy’s Law says that there’ll be an issue. Having it done three months in advance is optimal and allows for any tweaking.

You may also benefit from a laser peel to clean up the skin. A laser peel will get rid of any nasty sun damage related pigmentation and give you nice smooth baby skin.

Also super important now, is to ensure you have all of your appointments organised for the final weeks leading up to the wedding. 


Four weeks before

Now is the best time to have a beauty booster - this is a thin hyaluronic acid with other vitamins and minerals, which is injected into the skin. Allow for a few days of bruising. But it is well worth it because in 2-3 weeks you will be glowing like a lightbulb. Who doesn’t want to have that Jen Aniston/Kate Hudson radiant look for their wedding? It also helps to counteract the adverse effects of alcohol on the skin by keeping it moisturised from within.


Three weeks before

Final pre-wedding laser face and anti-wrinkle injections. By now we have your perfect bespoke laser facial based on your specific needs as well as your ideal tox pattern and dose.

We also advise not trying any new treatments or creams of any sort within a few weeks of the wedding. You never know how your skin will react, especially with the added stress of getting married. The last thing you need is an allergic reaction or an acne breakout. 
Best of luck and hopefully we’ve helped you to look your absolute best and most confident for your special day. 


Concept Cosmetic Medicine has four locations in NSW - Drummoyne, Penrith, Newcastle and Bowral. Dr Phoebe Jones graduated Medicine at the University of Sydney in 2011 and has worked as a researcher and clinician. She specialises in skin concerns and ageing.