How To: Throw A Summer Wedding

Image courtesy of  Pure Pops

Image courtesy of Pure Pops

While Australia is famous for its summers, temperatures from mid-December to March can become unbearable. The hottest time of the year is also the most popular for weddings. There are many advantages — daylight savings mean more time to dance the night away; you can ditch the groomsmen's jackets (and save a fortune), and it's completely appropriate — and celebrated — to have both the ceremony and reception outdoors. The downside? The logistics of keeping guests cool can be enough to make you lose your own.

So summer brides, pay attention! Follow these tried-and-true tips to keep guests happy in the heat.

Hydrate the Masses

Offer drinks on arrival: whether it's personalised water bottles or sparkling water infused with fruit (and served in cute jam jars!), guests will appreciate being able to grab a beverage the minute they arrive at the ceremony.

When it comes to the reception, slushy-style cocktails will prove popular. Frozen margaritas and mojitos, anyone? Another cool option is boozy icy poles. Not only will guests stay cool all night, the frozen treats are sure to be a talking point.

Shady Business

Having a cocktail wedding? Chances are, your guests will have to stand around for a long time. And the heat will only add to their discomfort. Enter: umbrellas and parasols. Many outdoor venues offer umbrella hire, so consider providing guests some relief from the heat. Personalised bottles of sunscreen is another cute and practical option, as are paddle fans. You can even have the order of service printed on the fan - a super-cute keepsake that will save money on stationery too!

Bugging Out

Lakeside nuptials are incredibly romantic, but summertime brings bugs, which can be annoying for you and your guests. Bring out your inner girl scout and make sure you have bug spray and citronella candles on hand for the big day.

Brighter Blooms

Summer may mean a wider range of flowers to choose from, but it's important to go for buds that will last the entire day. There's nothing worse than having a wilted arrangement before you even get a chance to walk down the aisle. Natives prove to be a popular and practical option for the warmer season — they're hardy and are guaranteed to last. If you're still keen on delicate varieties, consider silk flowers — there are some great designs on the market these days, and ones that look as good as the real thing