What Type Of Bride Are You?

Photography: MacDougall Photography

Photography: MacDougall Photography

Once you're engaged, it's pretty hard not to think about weddings all the time. Even before my partner popped the question I always fantasised about the big day and how I would be the perfect bride walking down the aisle. I guess you could say I'm a fairytale bride; I see weddings as the end of one journey and the beginning of a new one. My sister, on the other hand, is the opposite. She never dreamed about the big day, and on her wedding, she wasn't overly fussed about the whole thing.

Though all wanting the same ending, not all brides are created equal, especially when it comes to planning. Some are more relaxed than others, and some fall into the happy medium. So which category do you fit into?

The Fairytale Bride

The ultimate girlie girl who has been planning her wedding since she was six years old. She's the one who has a subscription to every wedding magazine on the newsstands, loves a Post-It note and is quick to categorise her "likes", "maybe likes" and "LOVES". She's got this day down pat, thank you very much.

The OCD Bride

This girl shares some traits with the fairytale bride (she's the ultimate wedding planner) with a slight difference. She must be in control – of everything. She's obsessed with making the day an absolute success that she risks losing sight of what it's all about. This bride also has a touch of bridezilla in her – everything must be in place, dresses must be fitted perfectly, and don't you dare show up unless you are prepped from head to toe.

The Anything Goes Bride

A bride-to-be so rare she makes a white rhino look common (yet she happens to be my sister – I wonder if I could sell her on the black market?). She’s the girl that’s a bit “meh” about the whole thing, not overly into the whole white dress, peonies sort of vibe. This girl definitely needs a planner or there won't be a wedding at all! She will need someone who will decide on the styling – a laid-back party, either a surprise wedding at their engagement or a backyard party. This girl will need A LOT of help to make sure the day runs smoothly.

The Boho Babe Bride

The hippie dreamer with a love for simple luxuries – think "undone" hair, floral headdresses and lace gowns – she's the perfect boho goodness. As for the reception, expect teepees set up and charming bar stations to keep guests entertained. Although relaxed, this girl will most likely have the styling as on-point as her bridal counterparts - her wedding is a real-life vision board, and her indie ideas will all pay off for the most carefree yet perfectly styled day.

The Modern Bride

The ultimate #girlboss. She will be planning from the office, and will be glued to her headset for the months leading up to the day. She knows exactly what she wants, so don't even try to present alternatives. She will most likely enlist the help of a planner, but is definitely capable of making it all come together on her own, as well as juggling a career and a full-time workout schedule. Her dress of choice? It will most likely be a mermaid-style gown worn with sleek hair. Expect a lavish affair that will be Instagrammed a million times.

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