The Wedding Black List

The fashion world has been in love with black since fashion itself began. Universally flattering, black hides flaws and makes everything look super chic. But when it comes to using the inky hue on your wedding day, many brides are hesitant. Why? The darkness is often associated with more sombre occasions such as funerals, so for a lot of brides, black is a big no-no.

As a bride-to-be, I want to incorporate my colour of choice into my big day, and if it's black, I want to know how to use it wisely. So here’s a how-to on getting the look on-point without compromising the style of your wedding.

The Dress

By far the boldest way to adopt the colour. Many were delighted last year when uber-blogger Sophie Shaw (The Young Mummy) decided to ditch tradition in favour of a beautiful hand-beaded Signor Mont Couture gown – in black. Not only did it wow, but it also opened our eyes to the modern bride.

The black dress can be difficult to pull off. You have to own the look or risk looking like you're on your way to a goth party – or worse, like a guest at your own wedding. So how to make sure you get the look just right? Opt for long sleeves and lace, and avoid wearing a red lip – you could end up with a death-by-bride look.

Photography: Nicole Taranto / image courtesy of

Photography: Nicole Taranto / image courtesy of

The Stationery

The perfect option if you love the idea, but are not completely sold on it. If you want to incorporate black into a traditionally all-white affair, stationery is your best bet. It looks sleek, sophisticated and modern. Hints of white, or a white backdrop will make the bold choice a little more subtle. Black stationery is chic and modern if it’s done well, but be sure not to pair it with other bold colours or it will cheapen the look.  

The Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids dressed in black have become popular lately and it's easy to see why. Jet dresses create a stunning backdrop for the bride in white. The elegance and charm of the black dress means many girls would happily wear the dress again, and when brightened up with radiant blooms, the ensemble becomes more complementary to the more traditional elements of the wedding.

Photography: Nicole Taranto / image courtesy of

Photography: Nicole Taranto / image courtesy of

The Table Settings

The best part about using black for the tables is that you can use as little or as much as you want. Consider black chairs and cutlery against a crisp white setting to add contrast and a modern touch, or you could have a black tablecloth with white and gold accessories.

The Cake

Nothing says "wow" more than a black cake. It adds an element of surprise and sophistication. What's great about this is that it suits all different weddings.  For a rustic wedding, a "blackboard" cake is not only charming, it allows you to add more personal elements. The addition of bright blooms ensures a more romantic feel to the cake.

Want to make your day sensational? Black themed or not, talk to our directory of wedding suppliers to find the perfect vendors for your style.