10 Simple Ways To Style Your Wedding (Without Spending A Fortune!)



1. Choose flowers that are in season and use them en masse

Sticking to just one bloom that’s in season and using lots of them in a table arrangement or styled in a vase/vessel is a great way to save money while still achieving a theme.


2. Use strings of lighting

This simple and elegant adornment can have a big impact and make a beautiful addition to your wedding reception. Hang lights from the ceiling, around tables and/or the cake, or in potted plants.


3. Add candles – lots of them!

There is nothing more romantic than the glow of hundreds of lit candles. Use different sizes and place them as a centrepiece on tables, or arrange a collection candles of varying heights on a glass or marble charger. A glass candelabra is also an elegant option, or you can position a number of pillar candles as your feature piece and surround with tealights and greenery.


4. Make use of ribbon

Chair covers can quickly add up to a costly sum, especially if you are having a large wedding. Consider ditching them for beautiful wide ribbon or even fabric that suits your theme. Tie the ribbons on the backs of the chairs for an elegant touch. You could even pop a sprig of foliage or feather in the middle of a bow.


5. Decorate with food

If you are going for a share-style menu, think about having entree or at least part of it already arranged on the tables. Think platters or beautiful trays arranged with cheeses, fruit and rustic bread, and apothecary jars filled with delectable dips. This kind of styling idea can instantly add an organic, homely feel to your celebration.


6. Get fancy with fabric

Stylish yet inexpensive fabric from your favourite craft store can be used to cover tables as well as create a romantic atmosphere in a big space when draped from the ceiling. Draping sheer fabrics from a high ceiling in a big venue is a great way to create an intimate feel.


7. Skip the flowers

If you want to really keep costs low, skip flowers altogether and go for a non-floral centrepiece. For a beach-themed wedding, you could go for driftwood centrepieces or shells on sand arranged in fish bowls and vases.


8. Have fun with helium

Add a fun touch to your table style by using an oversized helium balloon tied to a patterned ribbon or baker’s twine and place the table number on it. Anchor with rocks or a heavy object wrapped in a coloured or patterned fabric which will also add interest to your table.


9. Go green

Going for an organic wedding vibe?  Decorate your table with potted herbs and plants. Go for sleek concrete pots to add a modern feel.


10. Painted driftwood

A rustic-themed wedding isn't complete without driftwood, but for a modern take, paint the piece in a vibrant or neon hue and set against cool-coloured table linen. Or you could paint in gold, silver or bronze and set against super dark or soft pastel table linen.